The book we are using in my intro to PR class is Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

Ch.1: What is Public Relations?

This chapter is about defining Public Relation and differentiating it from other fields such as: Journalism and Marketing. It shows how they are related but also intertwined.  PR has stereotypes both bad and good. Certain shows can portray PR as glamorous (Sex & the City) while others help create negative ones (Spin City).  PR is a changing field that may develop a career in numerous areas of this increasingly diverse field. Although, the book identifies 5 essential abilities needed in all PR fields. The 5 essential abilities are 1.) Writing skills, the ability to put ideas and information onto paper clearly and concisely is essential. 2.) Research ability, arguments must have factual support instead of generalities.  3.) Panning expertise, PR programs require a number of communication tools and activities that must be carefully planned and coordinated. 4.) Problem-solving ability, innovative ideas and fresh approaches are needed to solve complex problems or to make a PR program unique and memorable. 5.) Business/economics competence, increasing emphasis on PR as management function requires PR students to understand business and economics.There is also discussion on the importance of internships and the various salaries PR practitioners earn. This chapter focuses on PR in todays modern business environment.


Wilcox, D.L. & Cameron, G.T. (2009). Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th Edition). Boston: Allyn & Bacon