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I commented on KM Styling’s blog post “Dising gays in the pageant world, not a such a good idea!”. Perez was on a twitter rampage after the pageant, I got some of the rants, and disagreed with 99% of them. Freedom of Speech anyone? **cough, cough, BLOGGERS, cough, cough**

I’ve been following @PR_Couture on Twitter. This is a great follow, I’ve found a lot of good stuff through her. My latest discovery is @CocktailChic. This is such an original blogger. The bio on her Twitter profile is: “Compare everyday to a cocktail: Some are refreshing and uplifting and others just fuck you up.” You are also greeted with this motto on the homepage of her blog.

Each blog post has a drink, along with the ingredients and directions how to serve, followed by a story.

The post are fun and entertaining. It’s Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) turns blogger.

I encourage all to check it out.

I commented on Barbara Nixon’s blog post : Cancer Sucks :: Support Team Tommy

I commented on Beth Agee’s blog post about her 48 hours of twitter experience.

I commented on Brooke Huger’s blog post “25 Random Things About Me!!!” on April 14.

I found a blog that touched base on the discussion I heard on “For Immediate Release” podcast about newspapers trying to stop GOOGLE from freely linking content from their sites.

This is obviously causing some rants from the PR world. After hearing the podcast, I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I read Jim Horton’s blog. He had a link to a Daily Kos story about the newspapers desperate attempt to stay alive.  

Very interesting.

I made a comment on Chris Penn and John Wall’s post about their podcast

I commented on Evan Floyd’s blog post about the recent pirate attacks.

Comment on tb718’s blog post “Trying really hard…random thoughts” on March 25th, 2009

I have been learning more towards fashion PR. If anyone else is as well, here is a blog that has a lot of information!