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Wednesday, April 14th,  Twitter problem prevented the PR expert panel from recruiting from the #PRStudChat community, they decided to move the event to Wednesday, April 21st.

The April 21st #PRStudChat will begin at noon eastern and focus on helping spring graduates with their job search. Along with the #PRStudChat professionals and educators, students will engage with the full original panel.

The examiner offered information on this panel:

  • Jessica Porterfield, a recruiter with Fleishman Hilliard. Jessica has eight years of experience in the Biotech/Pharma industry and now recruiting in PR.
  • Jessica Bayer, a Public Relations recruiter at Qorvis Communications.  Jessica specializes in Public Affairs, Government, Crisis, Interactive, Creative, Consumer and International relations.
  • Laurie Bartolo, a recruiter at Ogilvy. Laurie’s career spans almost 20 years and covers a wide geography, from Florida to Washington DC to New Mexico and now Michigan.
  • Lindsay Olson, a recruiter, founder and partner with Paradigm Staffing who spends her days helping companies build public relations and communications teams nationwide.
  • Rachel Kay , President and found of RKPR. Rachel, whose firm is currently hiring, is an award-winning public relations expert with experience spanning a multitude of industries including consumer technology, food, beauty and fashion, the Web and more.
  • Kate DiChristopher, Human Resources Manager at Marina Maher Communications

As planned, student guest moderator Brittany James, will join co-founders Deirdre Breakenridge and Valerie Simon, to facilitate the discussion, which is open to all PR students, professionals and educators. More information about the conversation (including planned questions) can be found in this post on Breakenridge’s blog, PR 2.0 Strategies.


The latest response to the Tiger Woods frenzy lately is an ad by Nike. Watch it Below:

The comments on this YouTube video, to me, show that some people are ready to stop talking about it, while others still have a joke to say.

I, for one, am ready to get “back to golf”. But, I also do question the ad.

There have been a few theories over the years on how Twitter was going to turn their free site into a profit earning entity. According to an article from, the solution is here and Twitter debuts sponsored tweets.

Twitter will now be charging for ads that appear when a user searches on the site. The top results is an ad that “is a tweet that users can “re-tweet” to others, mark as a favorite or reply to.” The advantage is to use these inquires as a chance for the company to begin a conversation with those customers.

The top ranking result is bid on by advertisers for the keywords on a cost-per-thousand basis. Eventually they hope to sell the keywords based on click-through, retweets and how many it’s times marked as a favorite.

Last time I talked to Stephanie Booker she was on her way to her interview with her current company, Beck Media & Marketing. I was really excited to talk to an up and coming PR person in the California area. Stephanie graduated from the University of Georgia in 2007 making her a fresh face in the PR world.

It is great being able to talk to someone who is just starting out in their career rather than a veteran of the PR profession. After all, it’s not that long ago she was in my shoes.

Stephanie’s resume includes New Media PR at Wolf Kasteler & Associates, Media Relations at “Entertainment Tonight”, “The Insider”, and Consultant for Publicity and Promotions at Fox Atomic.

Now, an Entertainment and Technology team member at Beck Media & Marketing, it was great to catch up with Stephanie. I asked her many of the same questions as I did last year, but it was great to hear about her new job.

Here is our interview:

ME: What’s a typical week like?

Stephanie: Working at an agency brings something new everyday because you have so many different clients.  I try to split up my days in the morning with a to do list of every project I’m working on, then prioritize based on importance and time zone.  Most major magazines and many major broadcast outlets are New York based so you have to keep that in mind when you work on the West Coast.  I spend a lot of my days writing.  I’m always writing a release, a pitch, an email, something.  The good thing about my particular company is we have creative brainstorming sessions.  So we will all get together and bring up different clients and bounce creative ideas off of each other so that we keep ideas fresh to our clients.

Me: Tell me about a project you worked on that you are especially proud of.
Stephanie: A unique one I worked on in January was for Robbins Brothers.  They are an engagement ring store on the West Coast, and we decided to give a couple shopping at a Robbins Bros store a chance to do a surprise red carpet proposal (video below).

First, we went to Disney with this idea and they loved it because it brought extra publicity to the movie that they didn’t have to do themselves.  We went through “casting” of sorts by interviewing normal looking guys that came in to Robbins Bros shopping for their girlfriends and told them our plan.  We finally decided on this guy named Chad and basically told him that he would be able to surprise his girlfriend with an engagement on the red carpet.  We would tell Audrey (his girlfriend) that he won tickets to walk the carpet from a radio station.  It ended up being a huge success, we got a giant segment on E! News, placement all over the internet, including Entertainment Tonight’s website.

Me: What do you do to keep current in the PR industry?
Stephanie: I’m still a huge Twitter fan.  It gives you the chance to browse through headlines from multiple sources you trust without having to go to tons of sites.  I like to keep Twitter lists and separate my news interests into Twitter lists.  Mashable is a GREAT website for social media news and it totally helps out.  PR Week is also a great source.

Me: What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?
Stephanie: It is not glamorous most of the time.

Me: How important is writing in your career?
Stephanie: Beyond important.  I spend 75% of my day writing.

Me: What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?
Stephanie: Read More:  Start reading your mom’s Family Circle, read Fast Company in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  Seriously, these outlets might seem boring to you, but guaranteed you will need to know what is in these magazines to pitch someone for it in the future.  You have to make yourself versatile.  Can you imagine how many people pitch People magazine everyday?  Reading more also makes you a better writer.   If I were you, I would immediately start following Mashable, NY Times tech blogs, @EW (over celeb gossip because it has industry and celeb news), @HuffingtonPost, and anything else you can get your hands on.
Write More: practice makes perfect.  I’ll be honest, I used to be a really bad writer.  Even the last time we spoke my skills were sub par.  Since then I have written so much, and used the edits my bosses give me as a learning tool.  Read the comments and take them to heart, and apply them to your next assignment
Network, Network, Network:  Seriously, become best friends with everyone.  Contacts are EVERYTHING in PR. I go to lots of after work events with local groups

Me: When you were looking for a job, what did you do to stand out in this scarce job market?
Stephanie: I relentlessly stalked my boss before he hired me.  There were over 700 applicants per day for each job posted on this one website I was targeting.  I found out the company I was applying for, then went to their website to find key executives.  Then, I would search for those executives on LinkedIn and find out if we had any common connections.  In the case of my current job, I had one common connection who I knew through this one project I did at my old job.  I hadn’t talked to him in a year, but I sent him an email telling him how interested I was in the job at Beck Media, and he immediately reach out to my boss with my resume.  I also found the Beck Media mailing address online and mailed a hard copy of my resume, so that I knew my boss had a good chance of physically holding it in his hand instead of just deleting my email.  Long story short, I ended up getting my resume to Todd about 25 times that he knew about.  When he brought me in for an interview, he said that PR is a job of following up until you get what you want sometimes, and he thought if I was driven enough to get my resume in his hands that many times, it showed a lot of persistence and determination, which is a huge part of what you need.
Thanks again Stephanie for your time, help, and the really great advice!

In February, I talked about the HAPPO event that debuted on Twitter to help leverage social media with employers and potential employees. Well, on April 30th, there will be a 2nd #HAPPO event on Twitter from 12 pm to 2 pm eastern time. This awesome event helps entry-level job seekers create new connections. The examiner article offers these tips to make the best of this opportunity:

  1. Start planning your #HAPPO post now. Here are some great examples of creative posts from the February 19th event
  2. Be sure to follow the hashtag #HAPPO and @helpaprproout and begin to engage with others who who are following. Remember, getting a job is often about who you know. The #HAPPO hashtag will begin featuring weekly discussion topics to help spark conversation that can help you start building relationships. This week’s question: what was the best career advice you ever received?
  3. Think about how you can help someone else. See a job that’s not right for you? Who might be a good fit? Refer someone you are proud to recommend.
  4. Be sure your digital imprint supports the message you want to send to potential employers. Review your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, blog, etc.
  5. Look for additional online communities that support entry level public relations professionals. Check out the #PRIntern | #EntryPR LinkedIn Group, PROpenMic and #PRStudChat for additional opportunities to expand your network has an article today talking about the ripple effect of social media sites (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and how they amplify coverage and exposure. In particular, the article discusses recent recalls and how once mainstream media covers the story, the “second wave” comes from social media. Bernhard Warner, “the who is editorial director for the consultancy Social Media Influence, says that all companies should fear the #recall hashtag on Twitter.

Warner also advocates for the presence of companies on these “forums” which they are discussed. Warner said, “many major brands should be applauded for building vast communities of followers in these social-media channels. But it makes no sense to use these forums only to talk about new brand launches, marketing campaigns or product giveaways. These are your most supportive fans congregating daily. Level with them. They’ll appreciate, nay, expect, the candor.”

Help A PR Pro Out (HAPPO) was a day set aside on Friday, February 19, from 10 am to 2pm. Its goal was to help connect PR job seekers with employers looking for talented individuals. Valerie Simon, co-founder of HAPPO, reported for the examiner on the results of that day.

  • Over 10,00 mentions on social media from the announcement on Feb. 5th til the event, feb 20th
  • More than 250 mentions of HAPPO in blogs
  • More than 9,693 #HAPPO tweets
  • 4,334 Tweets on the day of the event
  • 5,294 people viewed HAPPO’s Blog,

PR professional really do help out people getting started out. Events like these make me excited to be a professional in the public relations field.

Below are some example of presentations and videos created by students to stand out.

One of Hawaii’s top 15 PR firms, Fujita & Miura offer their top 5 article for students studying communication. is the firms blog  and it has become one of my favorite PR blogs. Although they are a PR firm, their blog is really informative and useful for students. They offer basic advice on fact sheets, press releases,  and the many other topics essential to PR.

Here are there top 5 recommended articles for communication student:

  1. Understanding Public Relations
  2. Public Relations vs. Advertising
  3. How to Write a Press Release
  4. How to Write a Fact Sheet
  5. Connect with Your Publics

Today I found a PR firm in Kauai, Hawaii.
They seem like a great PR firm with a great PR blog. I came across their blog post Tropic Topics by the Fujita & Mirura PR firm and the ukulele intro sucked me in.

My family has been vacationing in Hawaii since I was little. My dad often says his favorite picture of me is from when I was 5, my first trip to Hawaii, and I am standing on the airport runway with a grass straw hat on my head leaving Kauai.  My parents have been to all the islands and I have been to a few (I know how lucky I am). But of the three that I have been too, I love Kauai the most. When I graduated high school we went back to Hawaii and this time we went back to Kauai. I bought my first Ukulele at a market and it still sits on my desk, having its chords strung from time to time.

From a PR [student] perspective, I really enjoyed the updates, coverage, and information they had in the post.

Great post, will be back to this site!

Below is the song they mentioned by Train: Hey, Soul Sister which a ukulele is one of the instruments used.

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