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Cover Letters are your “sales pitch” to a potential employer. For PR people out there, this is your chance to showcase your writing and communication skills.

The Examiner gives 3 examples of when you will need a cover:

  1. Letter of Application – This type of cover letter is used when applying for a current job opening,
  2. Job Inquiry – Used when inquiring about possible job openings or for information.
  3. Networking Purposes – This type of letter is sent when seeking assistance or guidance or used for self-promotion in a job search.

These are some great tips to for a great cover letter by Sports PR Blog:

  1. Customize your cover letter. This is not a mass mailing, this is a personal letter. Find out the name of who will be receiving your letter and address it to them. Contact the company and talk to the receptionist if you are unsure. Do your research!
  2. Compliment your resume. Do not simply restate information that they can easily see in your resume. Sell your self, tell them why your the best candidate for the job and highlight your achievements. Although, keep it aesthetically appealing. Keep the same color scheme and font/text complimentary to your resumé.
  3. No mistakes. This is not something that should be thrown together right before you send it off. This is your best representation of yourself, take pride in it. Thoroughly read and reread looking for mistakes, this also should include double checking addresses and people’s name.
  4. Keep it short and sweet.  A good communicator should not need pages to get their point across. Be concise and accurate.

Here are some sites I liked and will come back to:

Job Bank USA has a lot of great tips from the language to use to research tips.

Best Cover Letters has examples of cover letters from a follow-up letter to a declining job letters.

KandiKreatives warns using exclamations are not professional. Show your excitement with words, not punctuation.

This summer I took a PR Writing with Michelle Groover, a PR professor at Georgia Southern University. She invited a friend of hers, who is a journalist, to come in and talk to us, future PR practitioners. He told us things to do like: always make contact with a journalist before you send a press release via e-mail (if they don’t know who sent it, they will not open it), to send press releases that can be ready for print (if there are errors, they most likely won’t take the time to fix it, they just won’t print it), and pictures are a nice addition to help ensure your article makes it to print.

The most memorable DO NOT DO tip was about 2 little but enticing words: NO COMMENT. To journalist, those words mean “probe me more, because I am hiding a great story.”

This all came to me as I have noticed all the attention Tiger Woods is getting over his Thanksgiving accident.

Thanksgiving to my family means 2 things: lots of food and family football. We are all very athletic (or at least were) and appreciate the dedication and hard work it takes to be a good athlete. When we heard the breaking news that Tiger Woods had been in an accident,we all hoped it was not too serious.

Now, days after the accident and with confirmation he is alright, he is still all over the media. Why? Because he never gave a comment. He has canceled his meetings with the police now 3 times. Although, he did not say no comment, his avoidance speaks louder than words.

Now, accusations of infidelity are swarming and other questions are being brought up. Tiger Woods has always admired his privacy and typically keeps mum about his personal life. But, when the attention is on you have to address it, avoiding it only adds to the attention.

Tiger made a statement on November 29 to his website.

“Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible,” read a statement from Mr. Woods on his Web site.

This comment was submitted by dork1234 in response to his statements on his site:

“yes everyone deserves some privacy but when you the number one golfer in the world that comes at a price. now vultures hover over your house and your life. keep your head up and continue to play excellent golf and it will go away. TJ lynch-Arizona”

Tiger has a a very wholesome image and this incident seems to be challenging that. But, despite the media attention his fans seem to stay loyal and true.

November 5, 2009 I  performed along with my 4 other classmates in this years Georgia Southern’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Science Research Symposium. It was a great honor to present our research from our Spring 2009 Advanced Performance Studies. But, I do have to give credit to our professor Dr. Rebecca Kennerly. She placed so much knowledge and faith in us, that without that faith, none of this would have been possible.

Dr. Kennerly introduced us to Mexican Migration and all the unique stories these people have. In her class we learned about the story telling and interview process. It is a special privileged when someone confides in you and tells you their story of pain or joy. We read Judith Hellman‘s book The World of Mexican Migrants: A Rock and A hard Place. Hellman traveled all over Mexico and the United States interviewing Mexican migrants and their family. Each story was unique and touched our hearts. It opened our eyes to a world we so blindly walked around in. We researched facts and myths about Mexican migration and challenged them ourselves. Our final assignment was to find a person who had experienced in someway the journey of migrating to the United States. I connected with a man at the local Mexican restaurant. He had agreed to an interview, but back out when it came time to tell his story. I think, he was scared of the repercussion that may come with telling his story. Another classmate of mine had interviewed a Atlanta housekeeper. She had told her story, but later asked her not to tell it. 2 out of 5 us was unable to officially retell our interviewees story. Many migrants live in the shadows of a world where they often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Performing at the symposium was an honor to help educated others about this tragedy.

Read Judith Hellman’s book and educate yourself on the hardships other go through. It is humbling and eye-opening.


Adding an image is an easy way to reinforce a message and add appeal to your WordPress blog.


Above the text box of the post is a toolbox. Above the toolbox reads the words : Upload/Insert. If you drag the mouse over the icons you can see their function.  The first icon is the “Add an Image”.













♦ To add an image from your computer to your blog:

  1. have the mouse where you want the image to go.
  2. click the “add image” icon.
  3. once the window is open, hit the “browse” button to pull up the computers files.
  4. select the file containing the picture you want in your blog and click open.
  5. you will return to the first window, now click “upload”.
  6. you can add a caption or description
  7. select the alignment (where it is going on the page) and size (how big you want the image) from the available options
  8. last, click “insert into post” at the bottom of the window.

♦ Add an image to from an URL to your blog:

  1. have the mouse where you want the image to go.
  2. click the “add image” icon.
  3. once the window is open, click the “From URL” tab at the top of the window
  4. insert the URL address into the box, image title (if there is one, most don’t have one), and you can also add a caption
  5. select the alignment (where it is going on the page) and size (how big you want the image) from the available options
  6. there should be a green check on the outside of the URL box, if a red X is showing instead: the URL is incorrect
  7. once you have a green check you click “insert into post” at the bottom of the window.


I am taking a Rhetoric of International Relations class here at Georgia Southern University. This has been a challenging, yet insightful, class.
For our final paper, we are to analyze an editorial piece from a major U.S. newspaper, published between March 31, 1968 and April 30, 1968, by using Kenneth Burke’s Dramatisitc Pentad.
So needless to say I have been doing lots of research.

1968 was a pivotal year for our Country’s history. Some of the events that took place that year are:



Looking back, it seems as if the United States was coming unraveled: Vietnam opposition, civil rights movements, and as well as, the emergence of the counterculture movement (the hippies).

There was also unrest found within the students all over the country:

South Carolina State College students staged a Civil Rights protest at a white-only bowling alley in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Highway patrolmen broke up the protest and resulted in 3 students killed. February 8th, 1968

University of Wisconsin-Madison campus had many protest take place. There struggle was recorded by PBS documentary Two Days in October, the film The War at Home, as well as the book, They Marched into Sunlight.

University of North Carolina participated in many demonstrations and protest. By 1968, protesters were more willing to engage in confrontation. 15 protesters were arrested for blocking the entrance of Gardner Hall, where a job recruiter from Dow Chemical, the maker of napalm, was interviewing students. March 18, 1968


Howard University students, in Washington D.C., staged a 5-day sit in and took over the administration building March 19-23, 1968

Columbia University students discovered links between the university and the institutional apparatus supporting the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War. Ended with violent removal by New York City Police Department April, 1968.

☮Student demonstrations were taking place all over the world, not just the United States.☮

Today I picked up the George Anne, our student newspaper on campus, Page 15 there is the story of: The University of Minnesota Spring Jam celebration turns into riot.   History repeated itself at when a riot broke out because they won their second consecutive NCAA championship. Cars, dumpsters, and parking boots were set on fire.

Sport-related riots? Really? I guess, I don’t want to know what would happen if they lost..

Maybe it’s because I have been researching the Vietnam era to the point where I feel like I was there; but, “can’t we all just get along”☮

“Youth is wonderful. It’s a shame to waste it on the young” -Mark Twain

We will never know what a gift “youth” is. But, I like to think the youth is not wasted. We keep the would pure, innocent, sensitive, and most important, we dream.


Sports= a motive/reason to flip a random car over on the street at your school (probably belonging to a fellow broke college kid, like yourself).

Come on people. Control your alcohol..or don’t drink.Your “educated” people, act like it.

I am all about people being passionate, proud, and happy. I hope we continue to challenge and change but, for the good and with compassion. That is the youth’s obligation to the world: to be the dreamers, the pure, the hopeful.


I’ve been following @PR_Couture on Twitter. This is a great follow, I’ve found a lot of good stuff through her. My latest discovery is @CocktailChic. This is such an original blogger. The bio on her Twitter profile is: “Compare everyday to a cocktail: Some are refreshing and uplifting and others just fuck you up.” You are also greeted with this motto on the homepage of her blog.

Each blog post has a drink, along with the ingredients and directions how to serve, followed by a story.

The post are fun and entertaining. It’s Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) turns blogger.

I encourage all to check it out.

It is no doubt that Twitter has started its way down the road to stardome. But will they reach their peak soon?

Oprah joined twitter on April 17th with her first tweet at about 9:11 A.m.

That Friday, she announced this on her show. The result? 1.2 million new people joined Twitter.  All that comes to mind is what my friend at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) refered to Oprah as in their marketing class. “God”. We have all seen the response when Oprah endorses something.

What will be the fate of twitter with rumors of a charge?  This article was a good one.

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is joined by special guest Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle Obama during a rally held at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 9, 2007 in New York City

Two Domino’s employess Kristy Hammond and Michael Setzer have made headlines recently with their home-made video of them at work. Dominos has fired these employees and are seeking legal action. Their

response from their twitter page about legal action: 

“Some might think we’re being harsh. Want to point out the local DA is pursuing felony charges, not us. The govt takes food issues seriously

Dominos Response was delayed, but sent out through many social media outlets, including youtube and twitter. 


#dominos video – the pair was fired & criminal complaints filed. there are warrants for their arrest. – pls RT!


This article from advertising age looks at the good and bad PR moves made by Dominos

Whether is social media networks, newspapers, or television news, Dominos is everywhere.


I am sure many of us have heard of the protest making it’s way across the country. Yes, the Tea Party Protest.  

Well, on Wednesday April 15th 2009 the movement was in my town, Statesboro, Georgia. 

My roommate called me to tell me she was at the protest. My camera and I went down there to check it out. 

There was a decent crowd there. They had BBQ for sale and a stage set up. A man came on the microphone and began to ask “Who is Tea’d off?” The crowd roared and the drums began. Their was music, signs, and protesting.  

The movement has sparked a lot of controversy from both the conservatives and liberals. 


Thanks to imageloop, you can see my slideshow of the Protest in Statesboro.


Jeff Horne 3/15/1987-1/30/08

Jeff Horne 3/15/1987-1/30/2008

Brian Horne 09/18/1988- 6/18/2008

Brian Horne 09/18/1988- 6/18/2008














The Delta Chi Fraternity is hosting the Red & Buff Cup to honor their two brothers, Jeff and Brian Horne, who passed away last semester. They are hosting this event to raise money for The Jimmy V Foundation and Jeffreys Voice in Memory of our 2 brothers lost last semester to Leukemia. 

Jeffrey and Brian attended Mt Pisgah Christian School before moving to Statesboro, GA to attend Georgia Southern University. Brian and I are the same age, and began school at Southern the fall of 2006. Jeff started the year before, where he joined the Delta Chi fraternity in the Spring of 2006. Brian Horne was my first real friend I made here at Southern. He was pledging Delta Chi, and was their biggest fan after hearing stories from his big brother over the previous few months. Brian and I quickly became good friends after sharing a few classes together and creating our group of friends together. Our usual hangout was Campus Club Apt. 222, where Jeff, Shaun, and Drew lived. Brian and I both lived in Eagle Village dormitory where we were down the hall from each other. 

Those were the most memorable days of our friendship, before all of our lives would be changed forever. My second year, Spring of 2007, my boyfriend received a call from Jeff, he was sick. Jeff had gone to the health center after being sick, they didn’t know what was wrong with him and sent him to the hospital. Jeff was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia on his 20h birthday. Jeff returned home to Atlanta, and started treatment at Emory Hospital. Brian was home with his brother during this time. Through the approaching months, it became evident that the only chance for a cure would be a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Brian had medical problems of his own, but volunteered. This was a very painful process where he experienced breathing problems and seizures. The transplant was successful, but the leukemia resurfaced 5 months later. Jeff lost his battle on January 30, 2008. Brian followed his brother 17 weeks later.

The bond of these brothers was so uniquely special. They were a year and half apart, yet, were more than brothers, they were best friends. Their lives were intertwined in every aspect from their fraternity to the friends they hung out with daily. I have never seen 2 brother who loved each other more. After losing Jeff, Brian died of a broken heart 17 weeks after his brother. 

This had been the hardest experience I have gone through in my life. 

Nancy Horne, the mother of these 2 amazing boys, has created the foundation Jeffrey’s Voice, in honor of them. Nancy is some one I look up to for her strength and courage. Throughout her son’s battle, they constantly saw the bigger picture, a cure. Jeff underwent experimental treatment with hopes of finding a cure “to help other leukemia patients”. Brian joined the National Bone Marrow Donor Program after losing his brother. Now, their Mother continues their fight for a cure. 

Spread Jeffrey’s Voice:

Delta Chi, Georgia Southern Chapter, is hosting the 1st Annual Red & Buff Cup. The Cost is $50 per 11 person team for all chapters interested in playing. 
Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and drinks will be sold at the event for $1 to also raise funds

On Sunday April 26th we will be doing an awards ceremony and presenting funds, as well as giving trophies and gift certificates out to the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners for the IFC and PHC Brackets.

Shirts for the tournament will be sold at the event both days

If you have any questions or want to sign up please contact Christian Craig @ 404-510-5841 or at

This is why I love my intro to PR class, we find out stuff that is really interested, and sometimes jaw dropping.

Has anyone else heard of what the kids have come up with now? Smoking smarties

This kid had 75,242 views. All the others are in the tens of thousands as well. I don’t understand how this fad started or why. This is teaching kids that smoking is cool I suppose. I don’t understand why this has becoming the new cool thing for kids to do at school. Im just utterly dumbfounded. What will they come up with next?



My best friend since I was in 5th grade is more like a sister to me. Her whole family is like a second family to me. Well, my friend’s older sister, Cortney, found her prince charming and tied the knot. I made the 9 hour drive home the other weekend for their wedding and it was absolutely Cortney’s wedding. It was fabulously modern and fun. Courtney and her husband have an appreciate for art, fashion, and being modern, their wedding was a perfect resemblance of that. 

To start all the bridesmaid’s wore different dresses, but kept a common color: black. They all also had a peacock’s feather somewhere on them or in their hair to match the bride who had two of them tucked into her up-do on both sides. There was also a twenties theme with their dresses, they gave the feel of the roaring twenties fashion. 

Then, they walked down the aisle to some very new tunes including: Feist’s “1234” and Ingrid Michaelson’s “The way I am”. It made you tear up before you even saw the bride. When the waterfalls really started, Cortney was walking down the aisle. She kept with the theme of untraditional songs, she walked to her husband-to-be while Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere over the rainbow” played. Also, Cortney wore a pair of red cowgirl boots, instead of white heals. But, my favorite first was…they had wined served before the wedding! It was a celebration of love and life.

It was beautifully done, but most of all, it was uniquely Cortney and Dustin. I think when it comes down to planning a special event like this, you need to stay true to you. Traditional or unconventional, the most memorable wedding you can go to represents the couple’s love. Be creative and show you in anything you do!


my best friend and maid of honor. Toast to the bride and groom

my best friend and maid of honor. Toast to the bride and groom


Hi! I am new to blogging so here it goes…