For our topic of the week this week I am having Maranda Butler on here. Thanks Maranda and enjoy guys!


My Ode to Social Media
I am a fan of social media. In fact I am so addicted that I want to
dedicate this whole post to my love for it.
I experience cold shakes and nightmares when I am away from social
media for too long.
At night I can hardly sleep because I am impatiently waiting to get up
in the morning and log onto Facebook or Twitter.
When I am sad or mad about something I post a Tweet, it makes me feel better.
In social media world everyone is special. Popularity is measured by
your number of followers or friends (as on Facebook)
I desperately rack my brain for ideas to come up with new social media
sites. It is so much money in them.
In social media sites I do not need friends. Who needs real friends
when you can have the perfect relationship via the internet.
Some of my best relationships have been built on social media sites.
Without social media I would not be able to talk to celebrities like I
know them. I often tweet Ciara and other Celebs my thoughts, I know
they are not going to respond, but its fun anyway.
If I had to go on an island I would bring food, water, and internet
access for social media.
I look at my blackberry apps for my social media sites often
throughout the day.  I probably look at my phone once every 5 minutes
unless I am physically unable to.
If you were a boy, I would kidnap you and lock you in a closet so that
you could be mine forever.Yes, these simple phrases may seem like slightly delusional symptoms
of a crazy person. But this is my life after social media. It has been
a pleasure ..
You now have the right to know!