Hello everyone! My name is Eryn Pond and I am a senior Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University. I am currently working on making my dreams into a realty. Sometime, I don’t know whether to call myself a Southerner or a Northerner. I was born in Northern Virginia (DC area) but, we moved to the beach when I was in kindergarten. So, Virginia beach has always been home. I love the ocean and everything that goes with it, from the people, to the food, to the atmosphere.

I have a HUGE family that is very much a part of my life. I am second to youngest in a family with 7 kids. Our parents are two huge influences in all of our lives and have always kept us close-knit. I currently have 8 nieces and nephews, with news of another one on the way. They are the true loves of my life.

I am working with one of my sisters in starting an organic clothing line. It has been awesome working with someone I look up to so much! Right now she is an online boutique of organic baby clothes.

I love yoga, cooking healthy, the beach, reading, writing, PHOTOGRAPHY, and traveling.  I enjoy being challenged and creative!

My motto in life is: Live the life you love

Here is a picture of me and my IMMEDIATE family (brothers, sisters, their kids, grandma, grandaddy, as well as my parents. This is from my High School graduation and my family has grown since then. Look for an updated pic in December.