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I found a blog that touched base on the discussion I heard on “For Immediate Release” podcast about newspapers trying to stop GOOGLE from freely linking content from their sites.

This is obviously causing some rants from the PR world. After hearing the podcast, I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I read Jim Horton’s blog. He had a link to a Daily Kos story about the newspapers desperate attempt to stay alive.  

Very interesting.

I made a comment on Chris Penn and John Wall’s post about their podcast

For my intro to PR class we were to listen to an hour of podcasts. At first I started listening to “For Immediate Release”. They were talking about pitch releases and how 80% of journalist, online journalist and bloggers included, prefer to get pitches by e-mail. At first I could follow along because of the information Stephanie Booker, my PR practitioner who I interviewed, had defined and explained for me. They were talking about the huge number of bad pitches sent out. They also talked about using Twitter for getting your pitches out there, but that is the least preferred. They talked about Twirl, twhirl is a desktop client for social software such as Twitter, Friendfeed,, or seesmic. Which is something completely new for me, I was unaware of it. 

This is a great podcast, it seems to get a lot of valuable information out. I got a little lost with some of the things they were talking about. I think this will be a valuable podcast once I am either in my classes more or in the PR world. 

I decided to check out a Marketing Over Coffee with John Wall and Christopher Penn

John I would love to link you but your link didn’t bring up your LinkedIn profile.

This was an awesome podcast. I really liked how on their website you can follow along with what the topic of conversation is at what point in time. They also give you link to what they are talking about, which is especially useful for people with a limited PR vocabulary. 

They started out talking about keeping notebooks, moleskins, are outdated. Chris likes Evernote, and uses Skitch for screenshots. John uses Mindjet

This again was something new to me, but useful and good to know some options.

They also talked about South by South West , which is a 10 day interactive film & music festival held in Austin, Texas. This is the place where the best of web entertainment comes together for a business event that is social. Here you find the centralized talent in one place of social media experts. Of the people interviewed in the podcast, most noted they weren’t there for the speakers, but it was great networking. It is also the single best opportunity to ruin your personal brand . IT seems like a lot of fun and a great opportunity to build relationships. 

I really liked this podcast. I will keep on listening because I know I will learn a lot that will begin to make my PR vocabulary grow, as well as my knowledge. Great show guys! Keep it up!

Listen here to the podcast I am talking about:
Your SEO Questions and SXSW Super-Sized

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In class we talked about intercultural nonverbal communication, gestures, and what they mean in different countries. It was interesting to hear some of them; the US the thumbs up means good job but, in Austrailia is equivalent to our middle finger. Also, while we can call someone over with our palm up, fist closed, and using out pointer finger opening and closing. This is also offensive to Australians, you place your plam down, fist open, and scratch open/ close with 4 fingers.

We also talked about how to irritate your co-workers. Most of them I totally agreed with like, always being a “one-upper” by topping their story, and rushing your co-workers by making them feel like they’re not worth your time. I learned I may be irritating co-worker by finishing people’s thoughts, I always looked at is as active listening and establishing an understanding. I then realized, when your not finding “their words” you can send then off topic and just be plain old rude.

I think my favorite part of my PR class is we are always learning buisness etiquette!international2

I have been learning more towards fashion PR. If anyone else is as well, here is a blog that has a lot of information!