This is an assignment for my class, Social Media & PR (PRCA 3030) These reading notes are taken from:

A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization Strategies, Tactics, and tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltinia Hay

Ch. 11 is ” More Social Tools”. In this chapter, other social media tools that had not yet been discussed are introduced here. Some other media tools mentioned are:

  • Social Calendars
    • posting events in social calendars can get you extra exposure.
    • is a good example to search and publish upcoming events in your area.
  • Social Pages
    • these are sites where you create a page about a particular topic, usually “how to” pages
  • Wikis
    • a collaborative website that allows anyone to update its content
    • comes from the Hawaiian work “wiki” which means “fast”
  • Social Search portals
    • offer visitors a unique search experience at your blog or Website
  • Virtual Worlds
    • these sites are 3-D created by participants.

Ch. 12 is “Putting It All Together. The focus of this chapter is using your social media tools to optimize your existing website and making them all work together to minimize your efforts of maintaining your presence. Here are the authors tips for an optimization plan:

  • add a blog or RSS feed to your website and optimize it
  • offer several ways for others to subscribe to your RSS feed or blog
  • if your blog or social media portal is external to your website, add a prominent link to it on your website and show the link on every page.
  • add badges or widgets that link to your profile and pages on other social networking sites
  • use widgets that let visitors share your website on social bookmarking and crowd-sourcing sites
  • feature your shared images and videos from media communities on your website using widgets and badges
  • use widgets or badges to highlight the other tools you utilize on the social web