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There have been a few theories over the years on how Twitter was going to turn their free site into a profit earning entity. According to an article from, the solution is here and Twitter debuts sponsored tweets.

Twitter will now be charging for ads that appear when a user searches on the site. The top results is an ad that “is a tweet that users can “re-tweet” to others, mark as a favorite or reply to.” The advantage is to use these inquires as a chance for the company to begin a conversation with those customers.

The top ranking result is bid on by advertisers for the keywords on a cost-per-thousand basis. Eventually they hope to sell the keywords based on click-through, retweets and how many it’s times marked as a favorite.


Last week was my introduction week on twitter. At first I didn’t get it, it was too simple. I didn’t really understand how people had 5,000 people following them, I have over 600 friends on facebook, who are people I know and once thought was a lot of people. After exploring and even putting my toes in the water I began to love twitter for the simplicity that it is! Once you find the first really good people to follow, you want more. I love all the different topics of information that was effortlessly being brought to my attention. Not to mention good examples to be following, I really like hearing what others are doing. As a student, it’s really helpful to take a look at what current professionals are devoting their time and energy on.

 Following people who have a presence on twitter really gives you an understanding and appreciating for what twitter is and can be, for me it’s my inspiration. I really like how direct people respond, the credibility, and difference in perspectives you can have. There is an eclectic group on twitter, something for everyone, Obama to Britney Spears, I’m following bothJ! As far as comparison to facebook and MySpace, I love that it’s a new take on communication. I like that it is more professional more! I like the good tips and awesome links I can find at any point in time, it’s more beneficial and productive than the others.

I plan on staying on twitter and hopefully eventually getting its maximum benefit. I am also co-founder of boutique organic who may also make an appearance on twitter; I like the organic community on twitter too!!

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