Our Career Services at Georgia Southern University does a great job, especially Dorsey Baldwin the Assistant Director of Employment at the Office of Career Services. Mrs. Baldwin held a workshop titled: ” Using LinkedIn to Launch Your Career”.

I had recently joined LinkedIn before I went to the  presentation, but I still got a lot of useful information out of it.

Here are some suggestions and information I found useful:

  • Fill out you profile to 100%- including a photo, headline, keyword-rich summary, and any and all experience you have.
  • join relevant groups I found Georgia Southern Universities (GSU)  group, GSU Alumni groups, GSU PR alumni groups, as well as a lot of other PR related groups.
  • claim your custom URL-www.linkedin.com/in/YOURNAME
  • request recommendations
  • keep your profile up-to-date
  • tap into your family tree for connections: extended family, family friends, and family of your friends
  • use it to research companies and find out about a person who may be interviewing you: learn about interest or common topics you could potentially discuss with them during an interview, or just gather information about that person and/or company.

I have been hearing a lot about LinkedIn the closer I get to my graduation date. Going to the workshop helped me see it in action, as well as ask any questions. For anyone still confused about what LinkedIn is, think of it as Facebook for professionals.