This is an assignment for my class, Social Media & PR (PRCA 3030) These reading notes are taken from:

A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization Strategies, Tactics, and tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltinia Hay

Ch. 8 is “Media Communities”. Media communities are social sites where you can save, share, and comment on multimedia items.

  • Flikr is an example of an image sharing site.
  • A flikr badge is something placed on your site that displays images from your flikr account as a small gallery.
  • YouTube is an example of a video sharing site.
  • Your public YouTube page is called you channel. You don’t have to upload you own videos but can also feature other videos on the site.

Ch. 9 is “Widgets & Badges”. We have already discussed what these are in the introduction to Survival Guide, but they can be useful in may ways including:

  • they help you show off all of the places you are in the Social web.
  • Twitter- you can show recent post or have people follow you by clicking on the widget and taking them to you twitter page.
  • LinkedIn can be used as a digital business card.
  • a blidget is a customizable widget that allows users to display your feed on their site.