For my Social Media for Public Relations class we were to create and publish a podcast that pertains to social media. A few weeks ago, I finished reading Shel Israel’s Twitterville: How Business Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods (also check out my book review post for more information about this book). So this sparked my idea for this podcast. Twitter has become a huge phenomenon and has brought a lot of creative ideas for both personal and business use. I talk about 10 different twitter accounts that I think are unique and very insightful. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy!

Show Notes: (Here you can see a timed outline of the things discussed in the podcast)

Theme music (A-punk by Vampire Weekend) 0:00-0:27.8

Introduction to show and topic of discussion 0:27.9-0:42

Twitterville: How Business Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhood 0:42-0:58

@coffegroundz 0:59-3:46

@bobvilacom 3:47-4:55

Sports Fans (@MrSEC, @NFL, @NBL, etc) 4:56-5:22

News Channels 5:23-5:35

@PeteCashmore 5:36-6:07

@atroidwatch 6:08-6:38

@woot 6:39-7:14

@tacobelltruck 7:15-7:45

@google 7:46-8:06

@cocktailchic 7:46-8:06

Closing Remarks 9:11-9:48

Listen to my podcast here

**this podcast was created using Garageband and then uploaded to I was very inexperienced in creating this podcast, but surprisingly this was an overall easy task to create and share**