Last year I joined PR Openmic, but have not been back since joining. For this week’s topic, I went back on the site and put more effort into trying to utilize this social network dedicated to PR people.

PR Openmic was developed by Auburn University’s Robert French and isn’t very complicated for the current social media user. If you take twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all in one you’ll get PR OpenMic. The biggest advantage of PR Openmic is the accumulation of PR people, from students, Professors, and practitioners. This specialized medium is great for networking and learning about what is going on in the PR world from these 3 points of views.

On this site you can upload a blog post you have written, as well as, browse a plethora of PR people’s blogs. There are also forums in which, you can create and join in on conversations on everything PR. PR people are able to connect and become “friends” with people they already know, or network and become “friends” with new people. Members can also upload picture and videos to share with others. These pictures and videos are available to see on your profile, as well as, a concentrated area separated by tags : Videos & Photos.

This is a valuable tool for PR students and recent grads because of the concentrated information available for PR people. You can network, promote yourself or your work, and learn about anything and everything PR. For myself, I am currently on the hunt for an internship for the Fall of 2010. PR Openmic has provided another valuable tool for students, like myself, looking for jobs and internships. The tabs Job/Interns takes you a page with many links to internships and job opportunities and information. Another great tool is the Groups/Events tab which provides sub-menus to either. This is another great way to connect with people and stay up-to-date on everything PR. I joined the groups: Students and Jobs & Internships. I have found a few opportunities through this site that I would otherwise never known about.

I highly recommend for PR students, faculty, and professionals to join PR Openmic and begin utilizing a great PR tool.