****Internship advice, including comments/tips from at least one GSU and one non-GSU student who has already completed an internship.****

I am currently on the hunt for an internship and was glad to hear some great advice from two people who have done internships.

The first student I talked to was Kristen Kelley. Kristen and I were group members for PR Research. She has a great work ethic and always seemed to be the go-to girl when there was a problem in the group, she is great with problem solving!

Last semester, before I asked Kristen for her advice on internships, she told me about how awesome her internship was.

She strongly recommended CNN as an internship because they were very hands on and she got to do a lot of different things.

This semester Kristen gave me  some tips on how to get the most out of your internship.

  • Take advantage of every opportunity. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It is what you are supposed to do, because this is a learning experience for you. Show your internship advisor how much you care by getting involved in as much you can.
  • Take initiative. This shows your internship advisor how responsible and driven you are. They do not have time to baby-sit you and tell you what you should do next. It is up to you to figure out what you should do.
  • Build a portfolio. Keep up with everything you do during your internship. Make copies and combine all of your work into an organized portfolio.
  • Treat your internship like a job. You have the potential to get offered a job with the company or organization you are interning with. Consider it as a job interview or potential letter of recommendation.

Another friend of mine offered similar advice for a successful internship experience. Abbey Birsch, is a friend of mine from Virginia Beach that is a soon-to-be a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. She did her internship last summer at a small advertising firm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Here is how Abbey made the best out of her internship that wasn’t always so great:

  • Do what your are told. At first, my duties included more of secretarial duties. I needed to prove myself and earn their trust, this was a smaller ad agency. So, I treated every task with the utmost importance.
  • Be willing to do more. For even the simplest task, I always made sure everything was beyond perfect.
  • Be professional. Both with jobs given you, as well as taking comments and criticism. This is a learning experience, but you are not in college anymore. The company has had to fire interns before for inappropriate behavior.
  • Be engaged, ask questions and always be helpful. Listen to the things people are saying and do ask questions, but there is such a thing as a stupid question.
  • Keep in contact after the internship. I have been to Myrtle Beach since then and I always try to see them.

Thanks for the tips Kristen and Abbey!