In February, I talked about the HAPPO event that debuted on Twitter to help leverage social media with employers and potential employees. Well, on April 30th, there will be a 2nd #HAPPO event on Twitter from 12 pm to 2 pm eastern time. This awesome event helps entry-level job seekers create new connections. The examiner article offers these tips to make the best of this opportunity:

  1. Start planning your #HAPPO post now. Here are some great examples of creative posts from the February 19th event
  2. Be sure to follow the hashtag #HAPPO and @helpaprproout and begin to engage with others who who are following. Remember, getting a job is often about who you know. The #HAPPO hashtag will begin featuring weekly discussion topics to help spark conversation that can help you start building relationships. This week’s question: what was the best career advice you ever received?
  3. Think about how you can help someone else. See a job that’s not right for you? Who might be a good fit? Refer someone you are proud to recommend.
  4. Be sure your digital imprint supports the message you want to send to potential employers. Review your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, blog, etc.
  5. Look for additional online communities that support entry level public relations professionals. Check out the #PRIntern | #EntryPR LinkedIn Group, PROpenMic and #PRStudChat for additional opportunities to expand your network