This week we will be discussing podcasting. I always like to begin by explaining what the topic of the week is. So, according to, “podcasting involves recording to a digital file that can be distributed over the net using syndication feeds for playback on a computer, MP3 player or iPod.

So, know that we are all on the same page on what podcasting is, lets discuss why an organization would decide to create a podcast as a way of connecting with its publics. The obvious benefit to podcasting is the ease and convenience to which listeners can listen to the program. When I began my student career into the world of public relations, I had no clue what a podcast was. Granted, this was still a new technology, about a year old. Sitting in my Barbara Nixon’s Intro to Public Relations class, I received one of my first assignments: listen to a Podcast. Professor Nixon was a big fan of podcast and gave the class a list of podcasts that she listened to weekly. She explained to us, podcast were her way of staying up to date with the PR world and was something she could do when convenient for her, like on her nightly walks or her 45 minute drive to school. It can be as simple as uploading your iPod and you decide when it “airs”. So, in other word it is an effective medium to communicate with you target audience.

“This new technology gives corporate communicators a way to bypass mainstream media filtration to take their message directly to market, “says Eric Schwartzman, founder and president of iPressroom Corporation.

Show notes, another important aspect of podcasting,  “provide an outline of the content in an episode of your podcast. They are usually posted as an entry in your blog.” Show notes are an important aspect because of the information they convey to your potential listener. Here, potential listeners often decided whether they are interested in listening to the show or if they are not.

For PR students and practitioners alike, listening to podcast can be an essential part in keeping up-to date with whats going on in your industry. For professionals, podcast can help them learn about whats new, whats under discussion, and what other people are doing. So, I would suggest for people, in any and every industry, to listen to podcasts.