As my senior year comes closer and closer to an end, I find myself stressing the little things. One of the most important little things I’ve been stressing is what to wear to an interview? As a girl, it is naturally for me to worry about finding the right outfit for the right moment, but an interview outfit could make or break me. The article, Dress for Success: What to Wear to a Media/PR/Marketing interview advises you to be true to yourself and you style, as long as it’s appropriate and won’t “scare” anyone. Here are the tips from that article:

  1. Prepare the night before. Starting with..
  2. Take a bath and relax: exfoliate, lotion, and nail polish
  3. Hydrate: green tea, water, and vitamins
  4. Get a healthy glow: they recommend using a bronzing/instant tan lotion, like L’oreal.
  5. Crest Whitening Strips and floss.
  6. Eat healthy.
  7. Pick your outfit at least the day before: research your company and the weather: is the company more conservative, youthful and casual? They recommend pairing classics with modern fashion, emphasize your best features. Try a solid colored pencil skirt or a dress with a high waisted belt (nothing flashy). Closed-toed shoes are the best idea, and a heel no larger than 1 inch is best. Match accessories with the company, conservative pearls, modern, dangly necklaces. MAKE SURE YOU OUTFIT IS CLEAN< IRONED AND ASSEMBLED THE EVENING BEFORE. In your purse have mints, resume, lipstick, and a mini-mirror.

Jobs DB Career guide stated this “Dressing inappropriately to an interview conveys only one message to the interviewer: the candidate is naïve, and misunderstood the job requirements. Female candidates should be especially careful as a revealing outfit may not be seen as sexy or attractive at all, but may cause your interviewer to make moral judgments, or worse, dismiss you off as lacking in moral values, hence unsuitable for the job.”

I think that sums up pretty well why what you wear to a PR interview matters. They suggest the best candidate is not noticed for the appearance and that ensures they are paying attention to what you are saying, not what your outfit is tell you. They suggest the following for men or women:


  • A neatly pressed long-sleeved working shirt (avoid colourful shirts, stick to one solid colour)
  • A tie (optional but recommended)
  • A suit or sports coat
  • A pair of neatly pressed dark-coloured slacks
  • Conservative colours (avoid bright, flashy colours e.g. bright orange, fuchsia, etc.)
  • Well polished dark-coloured shoes
  • Neatly groomed or cleanly shaved beard and/or moustache


  • Conservative blouse (steer clear of low cleavage and bare back designs)
  • Business suit
  • Conservative Colours (keep the colours to a maximum of three)
  • Properly fitting, non-revealing clothes. Skirts should not be shorter than an inch above the knees
  • A conservative hairstyle, tied-up long hair or set hair in a neat hairstyle. Avoid colouring your hair in shocking colours if you are job hunting
  • Appropriate closed-toe shoes or pumps. Wear sandles only when matched with long skirts

Haute MIMI dedicated a blog post to a friend who was trying to figure out what to wear to a PR internship interview. Her suggestions were:

“The formality of your outfit depends where you’re interviewing; interviewing for a fashion job allows a bit more creative freedom when it comes to shoes/accessories, but the basic foundation should still be conservative & classic.”

What to Wear:

  • Pair fitted button downs with coordinating dress pants
  • Wear a pencil skirt with a tucked in shirt with a blazer for a trendier look
  • Keep heel heights to a minimum & jewelry classic and minimal think pearls, sterling silver, and rhinestone studs
  • Make-up & hair should be clean & natural looking
  • Invest money in your interview outfit, because all the pieces will work great into any work wardrobe.
  • Dress for the job you want! It’s okay to be a little overdressed rather than sloppy looking.