Help A PR Pro Out (HAPPO) was a day set aside on Friday, February 19, from 10 am to 2pm. Its goal was to help connect PR job seekers with employers looking for talented individuals. Valerie Simon, co-founder of HAPPO, reported for the examiner on the results of that day.

  • Over 10,00 mentions on social media from the announcement on Feb. 5th til the event, feb 20th
  • More than 250 mentions of HAPPO in blogs
  • More than 9,693 #HAPPO tweets
  • 4,334 Tweets on the day of the event
  • 5,294 people viewed HAPPO’s Blog,

PR professional really do help out people getting started out. Events like these make me excited to be a professional in the public relations field.

Below are some example of presentations and videos created by students to stand out.