This is an assignment for my classs, Social Media & PR (PRCA 3030) These reading notes are taken from:

Groundswell: Winning in a owrld transformed by social technologies By Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

Ch. 10 “How connecting with the groundswell transforms you company”

  • Three elements of groundswell thinking to incorporate into your company:
    1. Take small steps that have big impact
    2. Have a vision and a plan
    3. Build leaders into the plan
  • How not to succeed in the groundswell
    • trying to force something that is not there
      • you can’t force executives to blog
      • you can’t take someone who wants to blog and build a strategy around him
  • Tips for success
    1. start small- change takes time
    2. educate your executives- use research, start internal blogs, and encourage executives to participate
    3. get the right people to run your strategy- the person with the most passion about starting relationships with your customers
    4. get your agency and technology partners in sync- encourage them to invest time and resources
    5. plan for the next step and for the long term- know where this is taking the company

Ch. 11 The groundswell inside your company

  • Nurture the groundswell power of you employees
    • promote listening culture from top down
    • ease and encourage participation with incentives
    • find and empower the rebels in your organization
  • internal groundswell works only when management is listening
    • employees need to know that management will listen to their openly contributed opinions and not punish dissents
    • without management’s active participation, your efforts will fail

Ch. 12 “The future of the groundswell”

  • Groundswell technologies are exploding
    • They are cheap and easy to improve
    • they tap easily into the internet advertising economy
    • they connect people who naturally want to connect
    • groundswell will soon be embedded within every activity, cell phones and part of the real world

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