Cover Letters are your “sales pitch” to a potential employer. For PR people out there, this is your chance to showcase your writing and communication skills.

The Examiner gives 3 examples of when you will need a cover:

  1. Letter of Application – This type of cover letter is used when applying for a current job opening,
  2. Job Inquiry – Used when inquiring about possible job openings or for information.
  3. Networking Purposes – This type of letter is sent when seeking assistance or guidance or used for self-promotion in a job search.

These are some great tips to for a great cover letter by Sports PR Blog:

  1. Customize your cover letter. This is not a mass mailing, this is a personal letter. Find out the name of who will be receiving your letter and address it to them. Contact the company and talk to the receptionist if you are unsure. Do your research!
  2. Compliment your resume. Do not simply restate information that they can easily see in your resume. Sell your self, tell them why your the best candidate for the job and highlight your achievements. Although, keep it aesthetically appealing. Keep the same color scheme and font/text complimentary to your resumé.
  3. No mistakes. This is not something that should be thrown together right before you send it off. This is your best representation of yourself, take pride in it. Thoroughly read and reread looking for mistakes, this also should include double checking addresses and people’s name.
  4. Keep it short and sweet.  A good communicator should not need pages to get their point across. Be concise and accurate.

Here are some sites I liked and will come back to:

Job Bank USA has a lot of great tips from the language to use to research tips.

Best Cover Letters has examples of cover letters from a follow-up letter to a declining job letters.

KandiKreatives warns using exclamations are not professional. Show your excitement with words, not punctuation.