Today I found a PR firm in Kauai, Hawaii.
They seem like a great PR firm with a great PR blog. I came across their blog post Tropic Topics by the Fujita & Mirura PR firm and the ukulele intro sucked me in.

My family has been vacationing in Hawaii since I was little. My dad often says his favorite picture of me is from when I was 5, my first trip to Hawaii, and I am standing on the airport runway with a grass straw hat on my head leaving Kauai.  My parents have been to all the islands and I have been to a few (I know how lucky I am). But of the three that I have been too, I love Kauai the most. When I graduated high school we went back to Hawaii and this time we went back to Kauai. I bought my first Ukulele at a market and it still sits on my desk, having its chords strung from time to time.

From a PR [student] perspective, I really enjoyed the updates, coverage, and information they had in the post.

Great post, will be back to this site!

Below is the song they mentioned by Train: Hey, Soul Sister which a ukulele is one of the instruments used.