This is an assignment for my classs, Social Media & PR (PRCA 3030) These reading notes are taken from:

Groundswell: Winning in a owrld transformed by social technologies By Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

Ch. 4 is “Strategies for Tapping the Groundswell”.

  • groundswell approach-avoidance syndrome-
    • people who know they need to get involved, but are nervous about moving forward
  • Four- step planning process to build a groundswell strategy- POST
    • People (P)- the Social Technographics Profile helps you understand what your customers are ready for
    • Objectives (O)- what are you goals?
      • listening
      • talking
      • energizing
      • supporting
      • embracing
    • Technology (T)-  What applications should you build?
      • wikis
      • blogs
      • social network

Ch.5 is “Listening to the Groundswell”

  • Your brand is whatever your customers says it is
    • one way to find out is by listening
  • two listening strategies
    • set up your own private community-a natural interaction where you can listen
    • begin bran monitoring-hire a company the listens and read blogs, discussion forums, YouTube, and everything else
  • Six reasons to listen to the groundswell:
  1. find out what your brand stands for
  2. Understand how buzz is shifting
  3. save research money & increase research responsiveness
  4. find the source of influence in your market
  5. manage PR crisis
  6. generate new products and marketing ideas

Ch.6 is “Talking with the Groundswell”

  • Techniques for talking with the groudswell
    • post a viral video
    • engage in social networks and user-generated content sites
    • join the blogosphere
    • create a community
  • When to use social networking sites?
    • when your customers are on them
    • focus on aspects that people love about your brand
    • look for your existence that is consumer generated and reach out to those people
    • create a presence that encourages people’s interaction

Ch. 7 is “Energizing the Groundswell”

  • an energized customer spreads the brands benefits to his contacts without cost to the company
  • word of mouth and why it rocks-
    • it’s believable
    • it’s self-reinforcing
    • it’s self-spreading
  • Trusted sources of online North American consumers:
    • friends or acquaintances-83%
    • review of product or service in newspaper, magazine, or TV- 75%
    • information on manufacturers website- 69%
    • review by known expert- 63%
    • consumers review by users of a content site- 52%
    • information on an online consumer site- 50%
    • online review of an editore of a content site- 49%
    • information on online chat or discussion board- 37&
    • online review by a blogger- 30%

Ch. 8 is “Helping the Groundswell Support Itself”

  • participation in the groundswell can save you money and gain insight by helping your customer support each other
    • forums
  • Cost comparison
    • calls to a comp call center -$6 to $7
    • Technical supports calls – $10 to $20
    • people helping each other in support forums- $0

Ch. 9 is “Embracing the Groundswell”

  • by embracing the groundswell, you can move more quickly
    • customers don’t take long to tell you what they want
    • improvements on continuous
  • idea exchanges work if you can engage your customers
  • crowdsourcing-asking the groundswell to provide you with ideas
    • is not the same as asking your customers
    • can save money
  • customers can help you
  • embracing customers takes a balance skill and humility

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