This semester has been one of my toughest, but most informative semester yet.My top 10 things I learned this semester are as follows:

10. C.R.A.P- Contrast, Repetition, Alignment & Proximity are 4 elements that make up a good publication. Contrast makes you work stand out, Consistency brings harmony, Alignment directs the reader where to look and creates a flow between ideas, Proximity places similar ideas near each other and helps create themes.

9. Jump Drives are a MUST HAVE- I have always been able to get along without having a jump drive. I always e-mail myself documents and that is how I would save my documents. PR Pubs was the first class I noticed a jump drive is a necessity. They are very inexpensive and convenient when internet is not an option.

8. Clients- This semester was my first experience of creating something to suit someone else’s needs. In most classes (and even work done for my sister’s company) I have had to create my own ideas to satisfy a problem I had declared. It was a good experience to listen to someone else’s needs (besides a teacher) and create a creative idea to help solve it. According to our book, conflicts arise when relationships and roles get confused with their contribution. It is you job to listen to your client and help them with there needs…remember your role!

7. Brochures- Along with creating a brochure to solve a problem, you need to be organized. Make a budget and create a timeline of when things should be finished. Paper, color, and pictures all make a brochure standout but can hike up the price. Get organized an have a plan from day 1. 

6. Get it RAW- When working with a professional photographer make sure you ask for them to take the picture in raw. It picks up everything and gives you a better quality picture for print. 

5. Trademarks- Logos and symbols cause people to link them to the company. They are great for recognition and branding. BUT make sure you have permission to use them or you’ll be paying for it (or you company), literally.

4. Printing- We took a tour of the Eagle Print shop. I got a lot of great information on what to have when your ready to print, and what life is like on the other side of the counter. Moral of the story, be nice to the people you are working with…it will get you farther than being unpleasant!

3. Install  New Fonts- and other great sites can give you more fonts than the default already on your computer. This is another way to make whatever your a designing more unique and special. 

2. Photoshop- I can lose ten pounds thanks to photoshop. The Dove campaign did a great commercial to show the use of Photoshop in current print picture. Check out the Youtube video!

1.InDesign- I have taken a class where I was introduced to InDesign but it was a nice change of scenery to use it for PR purposes. I learned a lot about how to create a good document with InDesign. I also now feel more comfortable than ever using this program!