This summer I took a PR Writing with Michelle Groover, a PR professor at Georgia Southern University. She invited a friend of hers, who is a journalist, to come in and talk to us, future PR practitioners. He told us things to do like: always make contact with a journalist before you send a press release via e-mail (if they don’t know who sent it, they will not open it), to send press releases that can be ready for print (if there are errors, they most likely won’t take the time to fix it, they just won’t print it), and pictures are a nice addition to help ensure your article makes it to print.

The most memorable DO NOT DO tip was about 2 little but enticing words: NO COMMENT. To journalist, those words mean “probe me more, because I am hiding a great story.”

This all came to me as I have noticed all the attention Tiger Woods is getting over his Thanksgiving accident.

Thanksgiving to my family means 2 things: lots of food and family football. We are all very athletic (or at least were) and appreciate the dedication and hard work it takes to be a good athlete. When we heard the breaking news that Tiger Woods had been in an accident,we all hoped it was not too serious.

Now, days after the accident and with confirmation he is alright, he is still all over the media. Why? Because he never gave a comment. He has canceled his meetings with the police now 3 times. Although, he did not say no comment, his avoidance speaks louder than words.

Now, accusations of infidelity are swarming and other questions are being brought up. Tiger Woods has always admired his privacy and typically keeps mum about his personal life. But, when the attention is on you have to address it, avoiding it only adds to the attention.

Tiger made a statement on November 29 to his website.

“Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible,” read a statement from Mr. Woods on his Web site.

This comment was submitted by dork1234 in response to his statements on his site:

“yes everyone deserves some privacy but when you the number one golfer in the world that comes at a price. now vultures hover over your house and your life. keep your head up and continue to play excellent golf and it will go away. TJ lynch-Arizona”

Tiger has a a very wholesome image and this incident seems to be challenging that. But, despite the media attention his fans seem to stay loyal and true.