Georgia Southern's Eagle Print Shop

For my PR Publications class one of our assignments is to create a brochure for our client. I am working with the Georgia Southern Habitat for Humanity. After meeting with my client and getting an understanding of what she wants this brochure to do for her, I have created their brochure. I am very excited I get to turn this project into something that will be published and distributed to help spread awareness about this awesome organization.

Barbara Nixon, my PR Pubs professor, arranged a tour of Georgia Southern’s Eagle Print Shop. There are a lot of  things you need to know and be prepared for when you take your publication to get printed. Here are some tips I learned and will always keep in mind:

1. Make a schedule- Create a time line and deadlines for yourself. Have what you need to have accomplished finished on these deadlines. You are not the only person having things printing, so if you give yourself sometime you wont be freaking out when you find out it will be a few more hours or days til your printing is finished.

2. Know exactly what you need Know the type of paper, the color of the paper, and how many you need. Think in terms of cost as well, maybe a colored paper would work better than white paper using colored ink (and cheaper).

3. Think in bulk- Most print shops will offer a price break if you order so many. Depending on what you need, how many you need, and what kind of paper you are using you can get a cost estimate. So ask questions and look for deals that make sense.

4. Keep it legal Copyights are real! Printers will not print a trademark unless you have permission. If you have permission, do not change a thing. You can not tamper or redesign a trademark. Leave the creativity to the rest of you publication. You can contact the company or organization and get the inormation to create the correct trademark. Protect yourself and your client! Here is Georgia Southern trademark instructions.

5. BE NICE- I had a great experience and impression of the Eagle Print shop workers but, I was warned to never get angry with them. They are helping you and you should help them. Remember- every time you point a finger you have 4 more pointing back at you.

The Eagle Print shop was extremely helpful and insightful. Many thanks to both Barbara Nixon, a valuable asset to all of Southern’s PR students, and the Eagle Print shop, for all their knowlesge they share!