I have just been cleared for graduating (YAY) and now its time to take my dreams and to start making them a reality. Scary thought. I have always had high expectations for myself, so as follows, I have always had big dreams. I feel prepared for my career in Public Relations, I owe it all to my PR Professors. But, there are a lot of things that I have not had practice with that leave me feeling anxious. I will be doing a semester long internship Fall 2010. So, my real world experience is still at a minimum of waiting tables and interacting in the cyber world. That is when I came across this question to Steven Van Hook and I completely relate to Feeling Fidgety when they asked:

Dear Steven: I’ve got my degree in communications. I did a summertime internship with a small PR firm near my university. Now I’m trying to schedule interviews with larger PR agencies in my home city. Do you have any tips for my first ‘real world’ job interview? — Best Regards, Feeling Fidgety

Here is what he had to say:

Do your homework on the company. Reseach everything you can about them and then, customize your resume to their needs. Because Steven says, it all comes down to “What do you have to offer?”  He says, “if you can’t win them with acts, dazzle them with dreams”. (I am a dreamer, so I like that advice!)

Steven also says that the itnerviewers are just as nervous as you. Something, I had never thought about before. He says, they are putting themselves on the line as well. They feel the pressure to make  sure they hire the best person for the job. Your job is to show them that you are the best person for that job.

Check out the article for other links Steven suggest,

Good luck to all in your job hunt.