According to Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics by Linda Morton, “a font refers to a family of type styles that share the same name and distinct characteristics”. Morton suggest selecting a font that complements the personality of your organization and to consistently use this font to create an identity. If the font does not reinforce the message, it distracts from it. Face_Typography_Style_by_thehonor2

Designers searching for the best font to use adhere to these guidelines:

  • Fonts must be readable: even-textured and readable in different styles, sizes, and column-widths.
  • Match the font to targeted public by characteristics.
  • Visual reinforcement of font with key message.
  • Experiment with manipulating letter forms and fonts on the computer.

Business card font sizes should, at the smallest, be 7-8 point but, your name can be a little bigger at 9 point. The company name should be from 12-15 points. More information on business cards and how to  Avoid The Nine Most Common Business Card Blunders

Brochure font sizes should range from 9 to 14 points for body text for the best readability.


If your looking for free fonts to download check out,

How to Download new Fonts Tutorial is a youtube video which should leave you with no questions on how to download free fonts.

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