Mass audiences can be difficult to appeal to because, as the name implies, they are the masses. Audiences are segmented by:

  1. Generations~ relates to to age and the historic events of your life that have a significant impact on the person you are.
  2. Life Stages~ again relates to age and the stages people move through in adulthood, these stages are categorized by the characteristics an tasks people share.
  3. Social Classes~ people are characterized by income and other socioeconomic characteristics.
  4. Gender~ men and women differ on advice, exercise & recreation, money, and appeals

My client is Haute Organic Baby- an organic baby clothing line. For this client I will be targeting women, in particular, mothers. Social Classes will be particularly influential in my publications for this client because of the status of these clothes. These clothes are a luxury, but for the health conscious and green mommy, they are a necessity. The target audiences will be in the middlescense life stage, this is where people begin to start their families. This includes generation y, and one of their main concerns is safety and they are value-oriented people.

These values and characteristics will be emphasized in my brochures to properly appeal to my target audience. imagesbest-organic-logo

I will focus on the reputation and value of choosing organic baby clothes.