For my Introduction to Public Relations class we started the semester by getting on Twitter for a week. Now, at the end of the semester we were to jump back in for another 48 hours of Twitter. 

I really liked Twitter after my first experience, but found it hard to maximize its benefits. I would get on from time to time and send out tweets here and there. For anyone having trouble getting into twitter, this helped me.

I found the second assignment easier to jump back into. I was following about 60 people and had about 60 following me. It is nice to not be the “new kid on the block”  anymore. 

I also feel like I know a little more about my field and what I am doing/looking for. My into to PR class has really helped me jump into the “virtual world” of PR. 

I started to look for more public relations practitioners. I was also able to build relationships with the people I was already following. I know they are there, but I still need to keep a presence, so they know I exist. :)

This has also been a pretty big week for twitter. Oprah and other celebs are creating their presence and bringing new faces into the twitter “community”.As well as, the Dominos crisis, I have been able to keep up with current “news”


Three of my favorite follows are:

  1. @UGAstephB: this was my PR interviewee and my new role model. She is relatively new to the business, so it’s nice to see what she is up to. She has also been helping me look for an internship. Stephanie has been sending me messages, not tweets, about opening positions, which is amazing. I really look forward to continuing our relationship. This is a great follow in learning what to do when your starting out and how to establish your reputation.
  2. @rbbpr: This PR firm, rbb Public Relations, was named 2008 PR agency of the year by PRweek Magazine. I like this follow because they are an established firm, who obviously has something good going for them. I look forward to watching what this great firm does.
  3. @PR_Couture: I have been following her for a few months now. She has an active blog,, and a good presence on Twitter. Anyone looking to get into fashion PR, I suggest checking her out. I have started following a few of the people she is connected with. I’ve found some really good people/information by following her.

To those who are uncertain about Twitter:

 My advice is to keep at it. At first attempt, it may be a little discouraging and overwhelming. Like anything else, it is what you make of it.  You can find me on Twitter @erynbpond