Jeff Horne 3/15/1987-1/30/08

Jeff Horne 3/15/1987-1/30/2008

Brian Horne 09/18/1988- 6/18/2008

Brian Horne 09/18/1988- 6/18/2008














The Delta Chi Fraternity is hosting the Red & Buff Cup to honor their two brothers, Jeff and Brian Horne, who passed away last semester. They are hosting this event to raise money for The Jimmy V Foundation and Jeffreys Voice in Memory of our 2 brothers lost last semester to Leukemia. 

Jeffrey and Brian attended Mt Pisgah Christian School before moving to Statesboro, GA to attend Georgia Southern University. Brian and I are the same age, and began school at Southern the fall of 2006. Jeff started the year before, where he joined the Delta Chi fraternity in the Spring of 2006. Brian Horne was my first real friend I made here at Southern. He was pledging Delta Chi, and was their biggest fan after hearing stories from his big brother over the previous few months. Brian and I quickly became good friends after sharing a few classes together and creating our group of friends together. Our usual hangout was Campus Club Apt. 222, where Jeff, Shaun, and Drew lived. Brian and I both lived in Eagle Village dormitory where we were down the hall from each other. 

Those were the most memorable days of our friendship, before all of our lives would be changed forever. My second year, Spring of 2007, my boyfriend received a call from Jeff, he was sick. Jeff had gone to the health center after being sick, they didn’t know what was wrong with him and sent him to the hospital. Jeff was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia on his 20h birthday. Jeff returned home to Atlanta, and started treatment at Emory Hospital. Brian was home with his brother during this time. Through the approaching months, it became evident that the only chance for a cure would be a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Brian had medical problems of his own, but volunteered. This was a very painful process where he experienced breathing problems and seizures. The transplant was successful, but the leukemia resurfaced 5 months later. Jeff lost his battle on January 30, 2008. Brian followed his brother 17 weeks later.

The bond of these brothers was so uniquely special. They were a year and half apart, yet, were more than brothers, they were best friends. Their lives were intertwined in every aspect from their fraternity to the friends they hung out with daily. I have never seen 2 brother who loved each other more. After losing Jeff, Brian died of a broken heart 17 weeks after his brother. 

This had been the hardest experience I have gone through in my life. 

Nancy Horne, the mother of these 2 amazing boys, has created the foundation Jeffrey’s Voice, in honor of them. Nancy is some one I look up to for her strength and courage. Throughout her son’s battle, they constantly saw the bigger picture, a cure. Jeff underwent experimental treatment with hopes of finding a cure “to help other leukemia patients”. Brian joined the National Bone Marrow Donor Program after losing his brother. Now, their Mother continues their fight for a cure. 

Spread Jeffrey’s Voice:

Delta Chi, Georgia Southern Chapter, is hosting the 1st Annual Red & Buff Cup. The Cost is $50 per 11 person team for all chapters interested in playing. 
Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and drinks will be sold at the event for $1 to also raise funds

On Sunday April 26th we will be doing an awards ceremony and presenting funds, as well as giving trophies and gift certificates out to the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners for the IFC and PHC Brackets.

Shirts for the tournament will be sold at the event both days

If you have any questions or want to sign up please contact Christian Craig @ 404-510-5841 or at