My best friend since I was in 5th grade is more like a sister to me. Her whole family is like a second family to me. Well, my friend’s older sister, Cortney, found her prince charming and tied the knot. I made the 9 hour drive home the other weekend for their wedding and it was absolutely Cortney’s wedding. It was fabulously modern and fun. Courtney and her husband have an appreciate for art, fashion, and being modern, their wedding was a perfect resemblance of that. 

To start all the bridesmaid’s wore different dresses, but kept a common color: black. They all also had a peacock’s feather somewhere on them or in their hair to match the bride who had two of them tucked into her up-do on both sides. There was also a twenties theme with their dresses, they gave the feel of the roaring twenties fashion. 

Then, they walked down the aisle to some very new tunes including: Feist’s “1234” and Ingrid Michaelson’s “The way I am”. It made you tear up before you even saw the bride. When the waterfalls really started, Cortney was walking down the aisle. She kept with the theme of untraditional songs, she walked to her husband-to-be while Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere over the rainbow” played. Also, Cortney wore a pair of red cowgirl boots, instead of white heals. But, my favorite first was…they had wined served before the wedding! It was a celebration of love and life.

It was beautifully done, but most of all, it was uniquely Cortney and Dustin. I think when it comes down to planning a special event like this, you need to stay true to you. Traditional or unconventional, the most memorable wedding you can go to represents the couple’s love. Be creative and show you in anything you do!


my best friend and maid of honor. Toast to the bride and groom

my best friend and maid of honor. Toast to the bride and groom