The 1st step in public relations is reseach, 2nd is planning, and 3rd is communication. Also known as execution, and it is the implemation of a decision, the process and the means by which objectives are achieved. The goals of this process are to inform, persuade, motivate, or achieve mutual understanding.  According to Patrick Jackson, editor of pr reporter, communication should be 1.appropriate, 2.meanigful, 3.memorable, 4.understandable, and 5. believable to the pospective recipient.

There are many models to explain how a message moves from the sender to the recipient. There are four basic elements with: sender/ source (encoder), a messag, channel, and a reciever (decoder). There is a 5th element, which is feedback, but that isnt always immediate or available. Feedback is two-way communication that is balanced between reciever and sender.

There are two types of audiences: Passive and Active. Passive audiences pay attention to the message that have style and creativity, they respond to billboards glimpses, radio announcements. They pay attention to communication channels that can be utilized while they are doing little else. Active audiences are seeking detailed information, they have made up their mind and are deliberatly listening for information. These people may attend a seminar or go to a trade show based on that interest.

The intended audience is made up of both passive and active information seekers.prrscha


















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