In class we talked about intercultural nonverbal communication, gestures, and what they mean in different countries. It was interesting to hear some of them; the US the thumbs up means good job but, in Austrailia is equivalent to our middle finger. Also, while we can call someone over with our palm up, fist closed, and using out pointer finger opening and closing. This is also offensive to Australians, you place your plam down, fist open, and scratch open/ close with 4 fingers.

We also talked about how to irritate your co-workers. Most of them I totally agreed with like, always being a “one-upper” by topping their story, and rushing your co-workers by making them feel like they’re not worth your time. I learned I may be irritating co-worker by finishing people’s thoughts, I always looked at is as active listening and establishing an understanding. I then realized, when your not finding “their words” you can send then off topic and just be plain old rude.

I think my favorite part of my PR class is we are always learning buisness etiquette!international2