For my PR class we were to read the information on a particular era we had signed up for. I was the PR Pioneers, I chose that one because honestly, I thought it would be the most beneficial. People who have made significant changes or created new standards in PR, I think those are the people you can learn most from. Bernay’s was one in particular, he is know as the father of modern day PR. After we got together with people who also studied our groups, we spread out and got with people representing each other category available. After hearing them all, I found mine to be the most interesting. I liked hearing about who did what and how practices and PR slowly became rituals. I didn’t realize that women’ smoking was once not accepted until Bernay! We watched a video that showed Bernays, he was talking about how the Tobacco Comp. wanted to get women smoking. After talking to a psychoanalysis, he found that cigarettes were power, they were men’s penis’. To get women to smoke he need to turn cigarettes into women’s penis’. He staged a stunt during a parade where he had the suffragist women light up their freedom torches dramatically at the same time. The newspapers took their pictures and wrote their storied and the rest is history! I really like the looking at the pioneers, after all they are the one’s that have paved the path for my future!